Nuclear Power: A Danger to our Environment and Health

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People have used nuclear power as their energy sources. Some people like using nuclear power because it produces more electricity while releasing less carbon dioxide. Others, despise using nuclear power since it’s perilous. Nuclear power could be our solution to lowering global warming and saving the polar caps, however good things comes with bad things. The waste could seep through the grounds, contaminating our water. Not to mention, the marine animals and plants will become contaminated as well. Therefore, nuclear power should not be used. A primary reason nuclear power is bad is it emits radiation. The radiation can make people become very sick and damage their health. “There are growing concerns that living near nuclear plants increases the risk for childhood leukemia and other forms of cancer” (Green America, 2012). For example, the Fukushima disaster on March 11, 2011 led to many people becoming sick due to the huge amount of radiation in the air. The radiation doesn’t just affect the place where the nuclear disaster happened. It could affect everyone else because the radiation could spread. Furthermore, nuclear power comes with nuclear waste. Nuclear power plants uses uranium to power the plant and mining for uranium is bad for our health. “Uranium mining can also endanger the health of miners and people living near mines, as well as the environment, as radioactive ore waste has been shown to contaminate surface and groundwater” (Schlesinger, 2009). Nuclear waste
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