Should United States Use Nuclear Energy

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In my opinion i think we in the United States should use Nuclear power plants.There is so many safeties and good benefits and so many more positive things that can come the Nuclear power plants. About Thirteen percent of the world's electricity comes from Nuclear power plants that emit little to no greenhouse gases. In the United States saves twelve billion dollars each year for energy costs. These Nuclear power plants actually emit fewer radioactive materials into the environment than a traditional coal burning plants. The main benefit of Nuclear power plants are that it is more efficient than burning fossil fuels as the amount of energy released from uranium per gram is much more than the fuels such as oil or coal approximately eight…show more content…
In a nuclear power reactor, the energy released is used as heat to make steam to generate electricity .All matter is composed of elements. The important elements for our discussion of nuclear energy are uranium, plutonium, carbon and hydrogen. Uranium and plutonium are involved in nuclear energy production, and carbon and hydrogen are the main elements in conventional fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. You can find nuclear energy in the United States has more than 100 reactors, although it creates most of its electricity from fossil fuels and hydroelectric energy. Nations such as Lithuania, France, and Slovakia create almost all of their electricity from nuclear power plants. Uranium is the fuel most widely used to produce nuclear energy. There is two kinds of nuclear power plants Fission reactors can be divided roughly into two classes, depending on the energy of the neutrons that sustain the fission chain reaction: Thermal reactors the most common type of nuclear reactor use slowed or thermal neutrons to keep up the fission of their fuel. In my opinion i think Nuclear power plants are safer and a lot more beneficial than any other energy
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