Nuclear Power And Nuclear Weapons

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All around the world, parts of the human population have been able to create nuclear power; a type of energy that is integrated into atomic energy. Almost 60 years ago, had the commencement of the Manhattan Project begun on the development of the first nuclear weapon. 60 years later, 9 countries alone possess a total of over 23,000 nuclear weapons which is enough to wipe out the human population many times over. This type of power can be found in nuclear plants but has now developed into an extremely dangerous weapon. It has been used to attack other nations resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, and destruction or contamination of an area. In the extent of nuclear energy there has been a creation of nuclear plants which has served as an alternative for energy. Since the end of World War II the U.S has been able to create 125,000 warheads creating a conflict not just for its citizens but also confrontations to those who are not allies. With only knowing 9 countries that have possession of nuclear weapons it may encourage other nations to develop nuclear weapons as to prepare for any outbreak or a possible nuclear war. In many areas there is no directed official who can determine when, where, and why to use a nuclear weapon. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy was the the one to enact a naval blockade which could have potentially put the U.S in a nuclear war. All in all, today’s nations must establish nuclear non proliferation policies to avoid the…
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