Nuclear Technology As A Solution For Constantly Growing Energy Needs

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Conclusion A number of factors contributed over the years to the notable reduction of the global tendency to use nuclear technology as a solution for constantly growing energy needs. No doubt, the disastrous psychological and economical effects of the three accidents – the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima are major factors. Another one is the lasting threat to the planet’s natural environment. Moreover, thousands were affected by and still physically and mentally suffer from exposure radiation; the cost of vast evacuation and consecutive placement of hundreds of thousands uprooted people and live stock involved millions of dollars and caused immeasurable stress and hardships. It is hardly a surprise, then, that hundreds of millions worldwide expressed their strong opinions opposing nuclear energy. Further, an ongoing disagreement among scientists and internal governments about overall convenience of nuclear devices, led to the search and promotion of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and bio fuels. Disasters never happen because of a single factor. It usually involves a chain of unfortunate events on many levels of the system that allowed the accident to happen: machinery malfunction, operator’s mistake, unauthorized departure from a standard procedure, communication failure, or design flaw. A delay or a total lack of public information about the danger is common to all accidents. It also appears that the first responders often are not timely

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