Nuclear Weapons : A Necessity Or Nonsense?

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Nuclear weaponry:
A necessity or nonsense?
Scientific breakthroughs in the 1930s led the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada to collaborate during World War 2 in an undercover venture named the “Manhattan project” aiming to create weaponry utilising nuclear fission. By 1945 a nuclear bomb called “Little boy” was created, and dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945.
This is important as it was the first and only time an atomic bomb has been used on a populated area, and it was a method of analysing the effects of nuclear bombs in reality. Another use of them was that American’s believe that the number of people saved by ending World War 2 quickly would be greater than the number of people killed by the atomic bombs.
Here are some quick facts and figures about what happened in Hiroshima alone:
There was a 255,000 Pre-raid population
But between 66,000 people died
And 69,000 were injured
Totalling between: 135,000
The question is, was the immense sacrifice worth the potential benefits?
I strongly disagree with the use of nuclear weaponry, a life is priceless and yet these weapons remove life from humans as well as nature – both indirectly and directly.
Thousands of humans have suffered due to weapons of mass destruction. America claims Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved lives, but who said the lives worth sacrificing were at their discrestion.
In all honesty these attacks were not about saving many lives by sacrificing few, they were a demonstration of American beliefs of the…
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