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As the human race we stand strong as individuals, together, and for survival. In most recent events my team and I have been tested to the fullest max of survival for the fittest and have been forced to make strong decisions that test our minds, morality, values, and ethics as a human being. We are trapped in a fallout shelter and it is not safe for us to leave. Therefore, we are trapped in this shelter for at least six months. Luckily, we do have enough food, water, and other facilities to help our group during this time. However, we are still faced with a very difficult decision that none of us were prepared for. There are nine people in another shelter close by who have survived their provisions but it has become apparent that there is…show more content…
4. The 72 year old male physician (the physician would be able to aid in our health, deliver a child, take care of the wounded/sick, and teach others within the group or community his trade). Our team has been challenged to a limit of survival that neither of us was prepared for. I wondered how my ethics and morals would ever really mean anything in life until this situation. Ethics are usually defined as the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment (University of Phoenix, 2013). Our moralities tested our character, rightness and wrongness of our actions. We were not just speaking for ourselves but we were speaking as a team and looking out for one another and for what would be the best outcome. Our team was tested on how to work as a group, express our thoughts and opinions regarding our own individual ethics and morals, and create a median point-of-view. However, we had a big decision that was tough to make and truly tested us as people: we were torn between the 6 year old little girl and the 50 year old biologist. The reality of our character had been faced with reality and we had to choose with our minds and not with our hearts. If we wanted to survive and help others in the mean time we had to make decisions that may not have made much sense to some of us or is not something we truly wanted to do. Unfortunately, the decision to choose

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