Nurse Turnover Case Study

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Many nursing units go through changes such as a new director/manager. A nursing unit that has experienced rapid turnover of nurses might hire a new nurse director/manager for the position to stop the turnover rate. On my previous unit, we have gone through four nurse directors in the past four years. Meanwhile the staff had many changes as well, many nurses that have been working there, have transferred to different floors and some have even gone into retirement early. With all the changes, staffing has been an issue because of the shortage of nurses on our unit. My PICOT question is as the following: How can rapid turnover of nurses decrease when hiring a new nurse director versus keeping the current director?
P- nurse director/managers and
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For one to understand the problem of rapid turnover the nurse manager should consider things such as if the environment is conducive to work in, is the patient load heavy for the nurses, how is the population of the patients on the unit and is staff working together to get work done.
The new nurse manager can utilize the Roy Adaptation model by looking at the unit as an environment and making it favorable to work in. From the four modes of behavior the nurse manager can look at the physiological aspects of the unit and staff and see how things normally function and what needs improvement. The self-concept aspect the nurse manager can see staff’s strengths and weaknesses and build up staff moral from the baseline. It is important that all staff understands their role function and to make sure that is understood the nurse manager could print out role function policies for each staff member from the facility. Lastly, the nurse manager needs to look at interdependence modes and see overall how the staff works together to get tasks done. Looking at the unit as a team can stop
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