Nursing Case Study : Brenda Combss Drug Addiction

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Understanding Detail
1. Brenda Combs is a strong, determined women who has experienced the roughest parts of life and who has made a positive impact on people around her. When Combs developed a partying habit, she also got into the dangerous habit of taking drugs. Combs eventually became a cocaine addicted who would fall in and out of bad relationships. Then, one day when she got her shoes stolen from her, Combs decided to turn her life around and gain her dignity back. The first challenge she faced while changing her life around was to try and stay strong in rehab as it was “the hardest she had ever known” (paragraph 18). Combs determination eventually led her to a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix and a job at the StarShine charter school.
2. Combs succumbed to drugs when she moved away for college and her parents no longer had an influence on her. Her new-found freedom led to partying which consisted of drinking and doing drugs. Combs boyfriend, at the time, introduced her cocaine and eventually she was hooked on crack. While on drugs, Combs felt that all of her worries were gone and it gave her a sense of freedom. Combs drug addiction could have been prevented if she would have stayed home for college.
3. Combs decided to get clean once and for all when she woke up under a highway to find that her shoes were taken from her (paragraph 16). The loss of her shoes made her realize that “this cannot be the life that God intended for me.” Combs also felt that

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