Nursing Is The Fastest Growing Occupation

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Nursing is the fastest growing occupation in the country of America. They are people who are well trained enough to care for the injured and the sick. However, they make a great deal in helping with the end-of life needs as well as give assistance to the family member grieving. Much more, their role is very beneficial to both doctors and other healthcare workers with goal of making patients recover. Having said that, their importance is seen mostly at the front lines of healthcare as well as the backbone of patient treatment (Scutchfield and Keck, 2003). It’s in this regard that, the world will not have been a better place without them. Over the past decades the average age of employed as registered nurses have increased from 42.7% as at 2000 to 44.6 in 2010 ( However, the government has seen the vast increase in the number of people over the ages of 65years that have medical issues and health needs. And this has placed some restrain on the health system. And some of these restrain have caused changes in the role of nurses as a result of current U.S nurse shortage. Many factors include: the recent healthcare reform has given rise to million to have access to healthcare, thus creating a renewed critical shortage for nurses in the system. Meanwhile, many more nurses retire every year, and this calls for shortage in the workforce in spite of new nurses getting higher degree into the system. Relatively, the present average age of an employed registered nurse
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