Nursing Is The Profession Of Care

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The history of mankind shows, from its beginnings, that human beings need care to survive, to live with health, happiness and well being, and to cure in disease situations. Care has been the subject of study of philosophers, historians, and anthropologists, but, in my view, nursing is the profession of care, and it has produced more knowledge to support the various dimensions of care. For me, the nursing care is to promote life, the life potential, the welfare of human beings in their individuality, complexity, and completeness. It involves an interpersonal encounter with therapeutic purpose, comfort, healing when possible and also preparation for death when it is inevitable. Nursing, as a discipline in science, has the responsibility to contribute permanently to the production of knowledge capable of supporting culturally congruent care actions, technically competent, morally acceptable and contribute to the preservation of life in its fullness in the different situations of the process of human living. Patients need professional care, attention, and love for them to recover quickly. In my opinion, I think nursing is where love meets science. My passion for nursing start when I was seven years old. One of my mother’s friend, Nanci, was a nurse. We would go visiting her at her home during weekends and holidays. One day while playing in school, I bruised my his knee. When my mother came to pick me up from school, she insisted that the wound had to be dressed. So on our way
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