Nursing Leadership Qualities

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Many people in life wish to be a leader – someone who others can follow and who others actually are willing to follow. Being a true leader, therefore, requires an individual to possess a multitude of qualities and traits that will make others want to and willing to follow the vision and the goals of the leader. In professional nursing practice, a leadership role is very much similar to this, as the leader must be able to rally the support of his or her fellow staff nurses and other health care employees while also being able to support and advocate for them on their own level and at higher levels of the organization. This can all seem like a daunting task, but a true nursing leader will take the necessary actions in order to keep his or her fellow staff…show more content…
For example, some very distinct qualities of a nursing leader include, but are not limited to: committing to a cause, creating and developing other leaders, focusing on service, promoting communication, aligning behaviors with goals and values, and recognizing and rewarding success (Guyton, 2013). While all of these values may also be applied to management personnel, they stand out as effective nursing leader traits first. A nursing leader must be able to motivate his or her fellow staff members to want to provide top quality care while also pursuing the goals and the vision of the unit, and all of the aforementioned qualities are tools in the nurse leader’s arsenal to empower and encourage other nurses to do so. Also, according to Yoder-Wise (2015), LEADING AND MANAGING followers expect leaders to provide them with certain things, which include respect, a vision for 4 the future, control of decisions that affect them, rewards and recognition, the ability to balance work and life, and professional development and guidance. Leaders need to be sure that they are meeting all of these requirements in order to keep their followers content and driven in the
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