Nursing Reflection

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Throughout my time on the Mother Baby Care Unit, I have faced many instances in which I have been able to reflect on both my patients and the care that I was providing them. One situation in particular that I found myself critically reflecting upon involved a new mother who was feeling slightly stressed about being discharged as her newborn son would not be going home with her. For confidentiality reasons, this patient will be given the pseudonym of Kayla for the remainder of this reflection. Kayla and I met on the morning of her discharge while she was finishing packing up her belongings. At this time, I completed her final set of vital signs and began to talk with her about going home. As I spoke about this topic, I noticed that Kayla was becoming slightly stressed as her voice sounded a little shaky and she was increasingly restless. I then proceeded to interpret why she could be feeling this way to which I realized that as Kayla has yet to be more than one hospital zone away from her son and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), she was likely feeling quite uneasy about going home. Like any mother with a sick child, she did not want to leave her son’s side during this tough time and by being discharged, Kayla may have felt that a part of her would no longer be with him. Subsequent to forming this interpretation, I moved on and responded to Kayla’s stress by encouraging her to engage in self-care during this difficult time. As the actions taken during self-care can

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