Nursing Scholarship Essay

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As a first generation Asian American, choosing a career path was not as easy as it may have been for others. As a child I remember always wanting to nurse the people around me back to health, whether it be as simple as putting a Band-Aid on a wound or trying to emotionally comfort friends. Most importantly I remember caring for my progressively sickening mother. At that moment, nursing became a daily necessity instead of a future career option. I never thought that caring for my mother as a child would have shaped my career path as much as it did. When I turned 16, my mother stayed in the hospital for quite some time. A distinct connection was made when my mother had a fainting spell while at the hospital. At this time while the nurses were holding my hand to comfort me and explaining what was happening to my mother, I was able to witnessed firsthand how nurses reassure patients and families during their most vulnerable times. I became overwhelmed by their empathy, concern, and dedication to my mother and I. This is when I knew that I wanted to be what the nurses were to my mother.

I believe that nursing combines my characteristics of resilience, empathy, intuition, compassion, and intellect into something that benefits people everyday. My perception of nursing is that nurses lead with passion and purpose and …show more content…

After obtaining my degree I would like to start as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room. This is where I feel that I can best practice the newly acquired skills that I have gained while at the university of Louisville. It is also where I am most familiar because of my current job as a Emergency Department Scribe. My unwavering thirst for knowledge and my desire to share that knowledge has provided me with unlimited determination to get to this

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