Nursing Self-Reflection

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As always, this week’s reading and activities are very enlightening, but more than than, it has re-awakened my consciousness to examine how I use my experience to understand and become involved in broader social and political issues affecting nursing (Black, 2014). After reading through chapter fifteen, I had to sit back and do a self appraisal on what steps I had taken since I became a registered nurse in an effort to effect a change or improve the nursing profession. To my surprise, I realized that I am not as politically aware as I have perceived myself and this explains my low score on the political astuteness activity. Nevertheless, the materials helped me see what steps to take in order to create self political awareness and actively participate in issues bordering on the nursing profession.

While it is a good thing to be politically aware of issues affecting the nursing profession and actively participate to bring about changes, I do believe there is time for everything. A nursing student is more concerned about gaining the necessary nursing skills and graduating from school. To that end, the individual may not be channeling his/her efforts and resources to making the changes in the nursing profession. Likewise, an entry level nurse who had just graduated
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The material showed that more nurses join the specialty nursing organization than the general nursing organization. When an individual specializes on a particular discipline in nursing that is that person’s area of interest and it makes sense to join that specialty organization because it would fully the individual’s interest. If I become a cardiovascular nurse, joining a cardiovascular nurses’ organization will serve my interest best than a general nursing. Of course, becoming a member to both organizations is possible, but my active participation will be fully directed to the specialty
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