Nursing Theorist, Hildegard Peplau Knew That In Order To

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Nursing theorist, Hildegard Peplau knew that in order to care for patients, the nurse must establish a strong relationship with the patient. This is an essential element in being able to provide adequate planning, diagnosing, and the successful treatment of patients. Personally, my desire to learn more about Peplau’s theory is because it is a very significant quality to have as a nurse. Nursing is a very interpersonal career, and by forming trusting relationships with patients early in one’s nursing practice, I can provide the best care possible to meet psychosocial needs as well as treat the present illness. The benefits that creating interpersonal relationships can have on the patients’ health condition and their planned outcomes, is…show more content…
The counseling relationship can demonstrate a nurses communication skills by listening to any concerns the patient may have. Next, is the surrogate phase, which is where the patient cast roles onto the nurse. The nurse can assist in the surrogate phase by “permitting the patient to re-enact and examine generically older feelings generated in previous relationships” (Peplau, 2004, p 21-22). The technical expert refers to the nurse’s ability to use professional devices to the best of their abilities in the best interest of the patient (Peplau, 2004). Communication is not something one can just study and learn, it requires experience to develop and improve skills much like in nursing (Potter et al., 2013). When beginning nursing school, learning the importance of interpersonal skills is essential to form a nurse’s whole practice. According to D’Antionio et al., (2014) “ a nurse must understand his/herself as well as he/she knows the patient; the kind of person each nurse becomes (that) makes a substantial difference in what each patient will learn as he is nursed throughout his experience of illness”. However, with the new advances in technology and the changing nursing curricula, Jones (2012) explains three ways that nurses today are not demonstrating quality interpersonal communication techniques. Firstly, newly graduated nurses and nursing students are having boundary violations between nurses and patients (Jones, 2012). Possible boundary

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