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Nutrition TTH 10-11:30 May 1st, 2012 Diet study essay Weight and activity level My body mass index or BMI is 18.8 which is in the normal weight category. I have always been on the smaller side for my entire life and I have never had a doctor tell me my weight is an issue or I am malnourished. I use to play baseball but I quit a few years ago but I have started to play racquetball on occasion. I then started doing a work out program for a project in school I followed it for about a month. I normally do about 60 to 90 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week. I do not do any vigorous-intensity workouts. I also do not do any muscle strengthening activities. According to my iprofile my DRI or daily recommended intake was 2462…show more content…
I could also start eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast everyday. Seafood I did not eat any seafood I typically do not eat a lot of it. My source of omega 3 fatty acids come from beans. On day one I had zero percent omega 3's, on day two I had 51.8 percent, and on the third day I had 25 percent of my daily intake. Dietary Fiber My recommended DRI for fiber is 38g a day and on day one I consumed 20g of fiber, day two I had consumed 22g, and on day three I had taken in 22g again. I had fallen short on my daily fiber intake over the three days of my diet study. To increase my fiber I could eat some carrots for a snack in the afternoon or have an apple or orange with my breakfast in the mornings. I could also have some pinto beans with dinner to increase my fiber or I could eat oatmeal for breakfast and increase my fiber intake even more by putting chopped fruit in the oatmeal. Vitamins and Minerals On my first day I was low in just about all of my vitamins and minerals but on day two I had the correct levels of thiamin and I had eaten more iron, niacin, and vitamin B6 than my recommended DRI. On day three I was low in all vitamins and minerals except for iron which I had reached my DRI for iron. To increase my levels of folate I could have a cup of strawberries or a cup of raw cantaloupe melon. I could also have an ounce of peanuts and two raw spears of broccoli. I was low in potassium

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