Nutritional Intervention Research Paper

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Educational behavioral interventions are therapists used structured and intensive skill instruction and training sessions to help children develop social and language skills. Family counseling for the parents and siblings of children with an autism can help families that struggle with the special challenges of living with a child with autism, and this counseling often helps the families with the struggles of a kid with autism (Rodale News, n.d). Other therapies, there are a number of controversial therapies or interventions available, but few are supported by scientific studies. Parents should use caution before adopting any unproven treatments. Although dietary interventions have been helpful in some children, parents should be careful that their child’s nutritional status is carefully followed (Rodale News, n.d). These treatments can help with the medications that are only for autism. …show more content…

The idea of the treatment plans therapies and interventions that meet the specific needs of individual children who are autistic (BLAKESLEE, S., n.d.). Most health care professionals agree that the earlier the intervention, the better, because it grants children better needs. In addition, there are three types of behavioral interventions: educational interventions, medications, and other therapies (Rodale News, n.d). These interventions are to help the children develop their brain by helping them with sign language and with

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