OFF, by Mortis Ghost

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What truly makes a 'villain' to us? Is it the need to cause mayhem, a long, resounding evil laugh? Or just someone whose values run in opposition to ours? Whatever the case may be, we perceive these characters carefully, recognizing them almost instantly as forces to be reckoned with- That is, most of the time. In the next few paragraphs I aim to explore why what the most frightening of villains terrify us the most. Mortis Ghost's 'OFF', a french RPG from 2007, will be our setting for this phenomenal antagonist. This indie game features a delightful soundtrack, strategic turn-based combat, and an increasingly dark storyline. The adventure begins with you, the player, being assigned to control a stoic hero known as 'The Batter'. If he expressed emotions, he would be probably be indifferent to your being his puppeteer. Regardless, you and he proceed through a land called Zone 0, entrusted by some unknown force with the task of 'purifying' the land. You encounter a stray, eloquent and articulate cat calling itself 'The Judge'. It assists you in getting oriented in the world, and guides you safety through the deserted landscape and to the cusp of the first inhabited zone, Zone 1. It departs, promising to see you again. As you advance through Zones 1, 2, and 3, The Batter continues to insist he is the savior of the world, sent to purify the evils within. The timid and neurotic inhabitants known as 'Elsen' more or less welcome his presence, especially when tormented by spectres

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