Ob / Gyn Nursing Career

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Gabriela Amador Intro to Health Occupation OB/GYN (Career of Choice) April 29, 2015 OB/GYN Nurse There are many types of nursing careers you can decide to take, the type of nursing career I chose is an OB/GYN nurse. OB/GYN is used as an abbreviation for the actual name of this career. The “OB” is short for obstetrics or for an obstetrician, which is a physician who specializes in delivering babies. “GYN” is short for gynecology or for gynecologist, which is a physician who specializes in treating diseases which develop in the female reproductive system. Therefore an OB/GYN Nurse is a type of nurse who helps deliver babies and which also helps treat diseases of the female reproductive system. An OB/GYN nurse can be in the delivery room helping out the doctor when the baby is born, or the nurse can also, while the patient is pregnant, take vital signs and do ultrasounds. OB/GYN nurses help women during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. They also help women with health issues in their reproductive system. There are certain steps you need to take in order to become an OB/GYN nurse. The first step for this process is called “Obtain a Nursing Degree”. In this step many RN (Registered Nurses) have earned an Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) and/ or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). You can get both of this degrees from a nursing school which can take from two to four years or even more. The amount of time it takes depends on the program you take to get your degree in
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