Obamacare : Should You Get Proper Healthcare When You Need It?

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ObamaCare: Will You Get Proper Healthcare When You Need it? For years there has been a shortage of nurses. President Obamas new affordable care act is now in full effect and is increasing this shortage. The care act not only effects nurses, but also all heath care professionals, and the unemployment rate. The shortage will continue to escalade due to the patient demand the care acts brings, along with employers not being able to provide their employees health care. This means larger patient loads, higher unemployment, and diminished quality of care for patients. The diminished quality of care brings up the question of rather ObamaCare is worth the effort, or if it is just a contradiction. The affordable healthcare act, also known as…show more content…
It is language that is used as a blanket with the intention to conceal or prevent thought (Lutz). Obama care also has some downfalls; Such as the tax penalties, regulations, and its effect on health care professionals within the hospitals and clinic (DeMichelle) many Americans fall within the category where the affordable care act is helpful in getting them state aid, but others are in a category in the middle where they make too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to afford health insurance, even with the discounted rate the reform act brings. The individuals who do not sign up and receive health insurance will be fined at the end of the year when they file for taxes. This is a problem for those individuals who fall in that in between category of not being able to afford a monthly insurance rate, and are penalized at the end of the year for it. Along with the fee that the individuals who remain uninsured have to pay there are other tax fees that are paid by all tax paying citizens in order to support the healthcare reform and the increasing number of American receiving Medicaid. The affordable care act is good for the people who qualify for assistance, however this is where the problem within the healthcare professional field arises. Healthcare jobs have always been in high demand, especially for nurses. Due to the increase of wages for nurses in 2002, which attracted more people to nursing school, then in 2007
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