Obamas Victory Speech 2012 Analysis

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Analysis of Barack Obama’s victory speech 2012 Obama starts off by including the people. He speaks out to every American, incorporates the people, and thanks them. He makes it clear that he is trying to make the people feel integrated into his speech. The first part of the speech is Obama thanking people around him, even his competitor Mitt Romney. He speaks about how America is now, and how he is going to sort it in the future. His main claim is that together America can build up the nation, and recover from the problems. As data he does say, that the American Economy is already recovering. By including America like this, he makes the people feel that they are a part of a nation, and this makes him seem more reliable. He does, however,…show more content…
In conclusion, Obama’s speech is a well-written speech, and he comes forth as very trustworthy. Additionally Obama knows how to speak out to the people, and make them feel incorporated, which will help him get his message trough. He does use a lot of rhetorical devises, and this only backs him up while trying to reach out to the Americans, and make them feel safe and secure. Therefore it can be concluded that Obama knows how to come forth as convicting, and finally there is no doubt that he can speak out to his
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