Obedience Is the Bottom Line of Christian Life

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Obedience to authority is everywhere. Whether it is a student obeying the teacher, citizens following the laws or a child obeying his or her parents, there will always be a scenario of obedience to authority. There are different levels of obedience ranging from a group of people following their leader, such as on a sports team, to extreme religious cults. The word obedience come from the Latin word Obaudrie, which means to listen well. Obedience is defined as compliance to the plan; conformity to the pattern; observance of the rules; loyalty to the standards and submission to another's will. Obedience is carrying out the given direction cheerfully and quickly. Obedience is the bottom line of the Christian life yet it plays a vital role in the formation of character of a person. Obedience is part of the foundation of society. Without obedience, nothing would exist but chaos and confusion. Human individuality is often undermined by the blind obedience humans feel towards those in position of power. In order for humans to maintain their individuality and a stable society, a balance between obedience and independence must be found. To obey means doing what God says in the timing and manner that He says to do it. We must then know what His instructions are. We cannot comply with something we do not understand. The Holy Spirit assists us in relating God's commands to our situation and helps us determine the wise choice. The true meaning of obedience has changed over the course of
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