Obesity : A Major Factor That Affects The Health Of The Local Population Essay

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This paper identifies obesity as a major factor that affects the health of the local population, and the initiatives that are currently in place to manage obesity. Indeed, according to the NHS, almost a quarter of the adult population in the UK are obese (Brisbois et al., 2012). In the course of this discussion, this paper explores obesity in terms of: public health beliefs and behaviours, determinants of health, the inequalities across populations from national and local perspectives, national public health policies and finally the role of the registered nurse. Obesity is defined as, the result of an imbalance between caloric intake and energy expenditure; the body receives more than it spends and thus stores the excess as fat. Obesity is categorised as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30kg/m2 or more (NICE, 2007).

Public Health,Wellbeing and Disability
Public health is, in essence, all efforts organised by society to improve their health. From this point of view is a modern science. The success of public health in achieving its goals, throughout nineteenth and twentieth centuries, is unquestioned (Braun and Clarke, 2014).This rests on a system based on the authority; individuals transferred a significant part of their will to a higher power, the state, to guarantee them the highest levels of health and wellness. The success of this authoritarian concept of public health, in the sense of auctorial, has resulted in a dramatic change in the way we live.
Public health beliefs &

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