Obesity : Obesity And Obesity Essay

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The success of the diet and fitness indicate that people are aware of obesity and want to lose weight, but the problem is, waistlines continue to swell. The acceleration and the size of the obesity epidemic suggest to people that there must be other effects except laziness and overindulgence. Obesity is an escalating issue that is destructive, it has received much attention for the last 10 years. "Where there is a blame there is a claim", this makes people to look for a target to blame for. This raises the issue of who is to blame for obesity, individual or food industry. The aim of this study is to answer who is responsible for obesity. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. The second section explains why individuals are responsible for obesity. The third section presents the contribution of food industry in obesity. The fourth sections reports the discussion of findings after this study.The fifth section concludes. This study will only focus on the obesity in America to illustrate the main points involved. Obesity is a product of individual choice. Ellison(2014) states that results of an online survey done by Clear Voice Research about "Who is primarily to blame for the rise in obesity" showed that 94 percent of people believed individuals are primarily to blame then coming in second at 91 percent are parents. Apparently individuals are primarily responsible for his or her health behavior. It is the parents responsibility to decide what their children should or

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