Obesity : The Obesity Epidemic

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The Obesity Epidemic
What is obesity? According to the Health Reference Center Academic, “Obesity is a clinical condition characterized by an excess of body fat”. Obesity causes serious and life-threatening diseases. Obesity can be calculated using the BMI or Body mass index. The higher the BMI the more obese a person is considered. More than 1 third of the population in the US is obese. Medical costs for treating obesity were estimated at $147 billion in 2008. Non-Hispanic black and Mexican American men with higher incomes are more likely to be obese than those with lower incomes. On the other hand, women with higher incomes are less likely to be obese than those with lower incomes. This may be a result of the type of food that they eat. Obesity in the US is a very common health issue; no state had a prevalence of less than 20%. The increase in obesity rates in the US was from the 1990s through the 2010s (Adult Obesity Facts). There 's a lack of statistics about obesity in the Middle East, but we expect the rates to be similar to those in the US and increasing. Obesity is an epidemic that is spreading quickly through the nations. Due to the various debilitating effects obesity has on many levels, I would like to expose in depth the causes, prevention, effects, and treatments of obesity. Debates on those points should be outlined quickly to help stop this epidemic.
Beginning with the diverse causes of obesity, the direct and most common reason is the intake of more calories…

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