The Alarming Epidemic Of Rising Obesity Rates

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The startling epidemic of rising obesity rates has caught everyone off guard considering that in the book “Obesity Dietary and Developmental Influences” it states that almost two-thirds of the current population is overweight or obese (Lopez 2). Considering that many adults and children are struggling with their weight, many experts try to pinpoint the exact culprit for the obesity rates and ways it can be diminished. The focus of this paper is to discuss who exactly is to blame for the rising obesity rates and different ways it could decrease based on certain author’s point of views. This is important because if the rates do not stop increasing, people will suffer whether its financially or medically. Many people often argue over which…show more content…
He starts his article by discussing his own personal experience of being overweight. He talks about how America’s health has been decreasing over time while discussing the diabetes percentages, easy access to fast food restaurants, and financial situations. He believes that people themselves should not be blamed because of the lack of alternatives opposed to the excess amount of fast food restaurants. He also discusses how fast food restaurants don’t not obviously place calorie information labels on the products they are selling as well as making them difficult to understand. Balko and Zinczenko tend to disagree with one another because Balko feels that it is the person themselves, but Zinczenko feels that the government is not fully responsible because it should teach self-wellness. Like Balko, Paul Heidenreich, who wrote “Healthy Lifestyles and Personal Responsibly” discussed how personal responsibility is important to have for a healthier lifestyle. He discusses how social responsibility is more well noticed because of the premiums and wellness programs installed in businesses. He talks about how he highly believes that obesity a personal responsibility, but it is the acknowledgement part that causes most people to have difficult time to realize that they are obese. Overall, many argue between whether it is the person themselves, not someone else’s fault for someone’s poor diet or unhealthy lifestyle, and that
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