Observation And Experimentation Of Observation

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Observation is both an act and a remark made about an issue of interest. It is the process of close monitoring of an occurrence for some given reasons, scientific or not. It is also the information gathered from the monitoring process. In any scientific study, certain steps have to be followed. There has to be observation/experimentation for any hypothesis to be formed and tested. It all starts from the experimentation stage where close observations are made. Scientists rely mostly on observation in its many forms in order to gain evidence during their studies. Nevertheless, the observational evidence is majorly theory laden. The anticipation is based on past theories such that their aim is to agree with a learnt theory or to reject it. …show more content…

If In any cases the observations are laden in any way, then there is a threat to science. Studies have shown that perception can be influenced by theories. The theories can therefore control the observation from the initial stages up to the end. Once the perception is theory based rather than the real observation at hand, the attention to the process, how the observer comprehend the process and later interpret the results has an effect to the scientific process(science). The findings could be interpreted in the right and best way possible but their credibility depend on how the observations were collected. If they were biased, then their credibility is low and unreliable.
Observation mainly involve “seeing”. Certain theories need observational support to be scientifically accepted. Observational support is further applied when comparing two theories that might closely explain a similar topic. Scientists make conclusions based on what they see which is further influenced by on their beliefs. Despite that two people observing the same thing, their conclusions might vary. This makes it hard when deciding which theory is better, observation technique isn’t the better way. Its dependence on the observers perspective stand in the way of making the right choice.
Certain observation statements are laden. Most of them are theory laden for instance “ice melts in the sun”. When

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