Observation And Reflection Of The Classroom

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Observation and Reflection Students can enhance their lives with the ability to find and seek knowledge being taught language arts. Creating the foundation to be successful in life includes have the capabilities to analyze, read, and write. When a student is prepared with the ability to comprehend languages, words and interacting on various heights, they have the authority to exceed in their elected journey. During the observation, difficulties, techniques, and successes were viewed in regards to the diversity of the students in the school.
Upon observing three grade levels of language arts class, there were different strategies and techniques used in the classroom comparing various strategies and techniques. Students and teachers that were observed were at McNair Middle School. McNair Middle is a Title One School with students in grades sixth, seventh, and eight. The curriculum is derived from the Georgia Department of Education. Students in each class are mixed with in diversity. The student make up in the class consisted of: General Ed and Exceptional Ed. The students that were Exceptional Ed included RTI, IEP, 504, and gifted. Students under the Exceptional Ed umbrella were given accommodations with their assignments.
There was at least one teacher on each grade level that taught Advanced or Honors Language Arts. Upon Observation, students in these classes were taught on an accelerated syllabus. The students in these classes tend to be engaged and excited

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