Obstacles On The Way To Overcoming The Dream In Guy Montag

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Imagine the world where all the books are illegal and are burned by firemen, yet people show absolutely no interest in reading and prefer unstoppably watching TV instead. This is the world created by Ray Bradbury where the main character Guy Montag resides. He is a fireman, and just like the entirety of his colleagues, he burns books. Thus, it is a huge surprise for Montag to find out he has a gigantic interest in reading and self-educating. Immediately after realizing it, he attempts to popularize books and knowledge that they preserve, but meets severe judgment of his wife and friends. Montag’s wife eventually tells the police that her husband possesses books, thus making him a criminal. The character has to flee from the city because of the pursuit started by the police and has to hide in the forest outside the city for a while. However, Montag does not give up and returns to the city after a war with a group of adherents - mostly former professors in different universities who, like Montag, have to hide in order not to be persecuted by the police - to spread his knowledge to the ones who survived the conflict. The changes of the personality that are lead by the difficulties of the achieving the dream are also expressed by Lorraine Hansberry in A Raisin in the Sun and by my story of overcoming the challenges of biology. Obstacles on the way to achieving dreams help people become mentally strong and able to solve problems because they face pressure, criticism, and

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