Essay on Obtaining a Degree in Information Management

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-What does information management mean to you and how would getting a Master’s degree in information management fit in with your future plans? After I finished my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai, I joined Vistaar, which is a Pricing Solutions Company that has a strong Analytics tool and a Transaction Engine as its core products, as a Software Engineer. While working on client projects, I learned that companies are willing to pay big money to replace their existing Pricing Systems with what Vistaar offers just because we can capture and portray important pieces of information in meaningful ways. This has ensnared my curiosity and upon delving deeper into the actual client scenarios, I realized that these …show more content…

The program is inter-disciplinary and is perfectly aligned with my interests. Courses like ‘Information Systems and Modeling Using XML’, ‘Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design’ and ‘Information Retrieval Systems’ will inculcate necessary technical and information concepts in me to achieve my career goals. Apart from the standard course offerings at the iSchool, the Capstone project requirement has whetted my interests. Projects like ‘Sleep Fixer’ by Lizhang and Fan, and ‘Mind Cloud’ by Ramji, Zarya and Ali are very fascinating and I would like to participate in a project of my own that helps make people’s lives better. I have acquired a lot of knowledge by the variety of projects I participated in my professional and academic life and I want to use it to solve real life problems. There is never a dearth of new technologies and concepts in today’s world, and their applicability to solve real world problems is only limited by the scope of our thinking. By participating in the master’s program, I wish to be among the lucky few who are able to push these boundaries. -Please give an example where you have demonstrated your leadership skills in an information management project that you have done in the past, either in school or at work. If

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