Occupational Therapists And The Occupational Therapy

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Therapy can help many aspects of a persons life. There are different injuries or birth defects that need to be treated to perform everyday activities. A variety of different therapy methods and treatments, depending on the personal weakness, can help improve someone’s everyday life.
Occupational therapists help all ages improve their daily activities. This specific therapy helps rehabilitate people who need “specialized assistance to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives due to physical, developmental, social, or emotional problems” (Ithaca College). The therapists create different exercises for each individual patient to help them develop their skills or learn how to decrease future injury.
The American Occupational Therapy Associations states that “rehabilitation is at the core of occupational therapy and addresses the needs of persons with injuries, illnesses, or deficits in occupational performance due to other causes.” The goal of occupational therapy is to help return the patient to their original participation in sports and to improve their ability to complete their everyday tasks that they perform throughout their day.
Occupational therapists also play an important role in mental health promotion and prevention with children and youth. Children and youth with or without disabilities or mental illness can benefit from occupational therapy in the schools and in their everyday life. Occupational therapy can help all children “develop and maintain

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