Ocean Descriptive Writing

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A hint of the salt collected on her skin as the waves sprayed a mist after crashing against the rocky shore. She had to brace herself, as she found her knees feeling a bit weak, but there was nothing to grab on to so her arms waved aimlessly with the warm breeze. She tried her best to recall how she got to this point and why?

The wind started picking up as it made her long black hair swirl in the dense fog. The patch of haze dissipated before her eyes to reveal a long gravel stairwell that reached the ocean's edge. Her heart pounding in syncopation of each step she took as the wind guided her one stone closer to the sandy beach. She lowered closer and closer to the ocean and her heart pounded faster and faster.

When she reached the water …show more content…

She could hear a rumble in the distance and the dark hole in the sky opened in the distance as a ball of light crashed into the ocean and as the splash rose from the water a human figure was revealed. There was a bluish glow and fireflies dancing around the figure. It had no face, no eyes, only an angelic light that danced above the waves. The water built around the light like a wall the drops from the storm above kept putting the figure together like a puzzle, revealing its legs, arms, chest, it was becoming the figure of a woman that looked more and more like …show more content…

I…I… I am not sure? What do you want from me?"

She was then interrupted by a lightning bolt that crashed next to her and another figure rose from the water as the figure had done previously and until there were 2 figures of fire dancing around her as the water was reaching her shoulders now.

"Do you want to live again?"

The voice was thunderous and appeared agitated, "I will not ask again, the choice is yours, choose wisely, for this chance will not be presented a second

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