Ode on Melancholy commentary

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AP Literature 19 August 2013 Ode on Melancholy John Keats’s poem, “Ode on Melancholy”, serves as an instructional manual on how to cope with sadness and the feeling of melancholy. Through his vivid use of lyrical language and allusions, Keats’s is able to depict vivid images that haunt the soul and is able to convey his message that the only way to deal with a sense of melancholy is to accept it. Keats believes that once one can accept sadness and make it a part of his identity, then he can overcome the overwhelming feelings of depression and find true happiness in life. The author also implies that happiness must be earned; to find happiness, one must endure the travesties and turmoil to reach it. Overall, Keats’s work has the…show more content…
In this statement, Keats is stating that should sadness appear, one should embrace the sadness and take it in rather than to push it away. By absorbing the sadness and drowning it out with thoughts of happiness, such as “gazing upon her peerless eyes”, one can find happiness once again. The third stanza begins with Keats addressing the mistress as she “Dwells with beauty – beauty that must die”. Continuing with the metaphor of the mistress and the feeling of sadness, Keats says that beauty must die. By saying that the mistress is beautiful, Keats is implying that sadness and happiness are linked. The happiness, which is the beauty of the mistress, in life is evanescent and continuously leaving. This comparison of happiness and sadness and the beauty of the woman reinforces the idea that happiness isn’t permanent. It is short-lived and comes with its repercussions. Through his poem, “Ode on Melancholy”, Keats tries to find the balance between happiness and show his readers how to achieve it. He tells the readers that by accepting the sadness, one can find happiness, even if it is only temporary. Through his allusions and lyrical language, Keats is able to paint the image of happiness and sadness through comparisons to poisonous drugs and beautiful sceneries as well as convey his message to his
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