Odysseus and Telemachus Comparison Essay

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Three traits that Odysseus and Telemakhos share are clear-headedness, eloquence, and showing strong emotion. They are portrayed with these traits in the Odyssey, composed by Homer. Odysseus is a renowned military strategist, warrior, and the King of Ithaca. He was forced to go to war against Troy twenty years ago, and since then has traveled all over the Aegean trying to find a way back home. Meanwhile, his son, Telemakhos, has developed into a full-grown man from the mere infant he was when his father left for war. He has searched far and wide for news of his father, still hoping, along with his mother, Penelope, that Odysseus is still alive somewhere and somehow, even though most have assumed he is dead. Through his ventures, Telemakhos…show more content…
So helplessly they cried, pouring out tears…” (Homer 296). After longing to see him for such a prolonged period of time, never having met him, it was almost too impossible for Telemakhos to believe that the old beggar was actually his father in disguise. Odysseus, aside from in this situation, shows his emotions very clearly also. In Book VIII, when Demodocus sings about the story of the Trojan Horse, Odysseus begins crying. “And Odysseus let the molten tears run down his cheeks, weeping the way a wife mourns for her lord on the lost field where he has gone down fighting the day of wrath that came upon his children” (Homer 141). Odysseus, overcome with emotion, begins weeping at the memories of his perished comrades that are stirred up by the song.
Odysseus and Telemakhos are both clear-headed, eloquent, and emotional. These are but three of the traits that they share. They both can keep their head clear in battle, and think quickly to get out of bad situations. They both are able to use their powerful speech to get things to go their way. Both also can become very emotional at times. This shows what a great impact a father has on his son. By setting a good example for Telemakhos, Odysseus guaranteed that Telemakhos would be just as great a man as he
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