Odyssey and Odysseus Return Home

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The Odyssey Study Guide
1. In Book 13 how does Odysseus return home? How is he disguised? Secretly returns in a magically swift Phaeacian ship disguised as a beggar.
2. In Book 14 who does Odysseus go to first when he returns home? Eumaeus
3. In Book 15 what are we told about Telemachus? He seeks out old comrades of his father to see if he can learn of his whereabouts but is advised by Athena to return home.

1. How does the swineherd treat Telemachus? He treats him as a long lost son returns and greets him with kisses and tears. How does Telemachus treat the swineherd? Calls him uncle and seeks him first upon his return
2. In lines 979-990 what important
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What does Eurymachus say which proves he is quick-thinking and clever? He tries to bribe Odysseus into saving himself and others by offering restitution of wine and food and gifts of 20 oxen, gold and bronze
3. What two things has Odysseus done that makes it nearly impossible for the suitors to “fight their way out or run for it”? Had weapons removed and doors locked Is this a fair fight?
4. To what are Odysseus and his men compared to in lines 1293-1303? The dread shimmering gadfly; falcons sweeping down from their high nests to attach their prey
5. Does the suitor’s punishment fit the crime? Explain
6. What does this bloody scene add to the epic’s theme about the value of hospitality and about what happens to people who mock divine laws? In ancient Greece the suitors have mocked the divine laws of hospitality and are being punished for not valuing same

1. Do you think the maid’s punishment fits their crime, or is it excessive? Explain. Either no, the ancient Greeks betrayal of loyalty was very serious; or yes, they were coerced by the suitors and shouldn’t have been held accountable
2. What is Penelope’s reaction to Odysseus’ return? She suspects a trick from the gods and decides to test him Why?
3. What test does Penelope give to make sure Odysseus is who he says he is? She tests him by insinuating that his/their bed has been moved
4. What was the process by which
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