Oedipus By William Shakespeare 's Oedipus

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1. (Question 1) The situation in Thebes is that they have a plague. Oedipus wants to discover the murderer of Laius in order to end the suffering of his people.

2. (Question 2) Oedipus is a man of action, but he is also a man of temper. Oedipus bullies Tiresias into answering him. It is at this point that Tiresias reveals that Oedipus has killed the previous king, Laius. A pattern emerges regarding Oedipus ' behavior. He has a temper, but is also used to having his way. At one point Oedipus becomes extremely angry and accuses Tiresias of acting in collusion with his brother-in-law, Creon, to take the throne from Oedipus.

3. (Question 3) Oedipus doesn’t accept the story because he has already accused Tiresias of being personally disloyal, stubborn, unpatriotic, and disrespectful to Thebes and that he is partly responsible for the death of Laius. Tiresias has several times accused Oedipus of having an uncontrollable temper. This temper may help explain why Oedipus rejects Tiresias’s revelations about Oedipus himself.

4. (Question 6) Oedipus begins to think that he is the murderer when he learns the location of the crime scene. Tiresias tells Oedipus that he is the murderer, the cause of all the suffering in Thebes. Tiresias half-explains that Oedipus has done more evil than he can even imagine. Jocasta then tells him a story to show that the gods will reveal what prophets and seers sometimes do not. She believes the oracle that prophesied her husband 's death at the

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