Oedipus Character Analysis

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In the tragedy, Oedipus the king, by Sophocles, the main character Oedipus rules a city called Thebes. Oedipus, being a tragic hero, was always destined for disaster, but one of the major key parts that contributed to his downfall was his uncontrollable temper. As a child, he was destined, by Apollo, to marry his mother and murder his father. So he ran away from his hometown Corinth in attempt to avoid his destiny, but he unfortunately could not avoid it. He has always been a very angry and irritable person, but the most important parts of his life that determined his success or failure was always interrupted by his temper. Oedipus’s temper can interrupt Oedipus’s life at very important times. The first example of his anger is when he kills the driver, which ended up being his father. As he explains his story he says,”In anger I struck the driver as he tried to crowd me off.”(pg 45) This example shows how Oedipus’s temper can get out of control and can actually lead to the death of someone. This is significant because this is the part of the play when Oedipus kills King Laius, his father, literally fulfilling the prophecy, which stated that Oedipus was going to murder his father, and marry his mother. He completed one half of the prophecy because he couldn’t control his anger. This is important because this shows how Oedipus’s temper can overcome his actions and cause him to go out of control. Although Oedipus didn’t know that the driver was his father, he should never

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