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Oedipus the King

Title: ________________________________

Author: ______________________________

Date of Publication: ____________________
Around 450 BC

Tragic Drama/Theater

Genre: _______________________________

Historical information about the setting
The work was written around 450 BC, a time of high Greek culture where literature and drama were placed at the forefront of society. Sophocles was a key player in this movement, and his plays were performed in a widespread area across ancient Greece and beyond. However, its popularity grew immensely as time went on, especially during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period, when the fascination with the arts and the
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This highly stylistic approach greatly enhances the work, and is central to his ability to manipulate diction to both convey his objectives as well as add artistic flair to it. He implemented tone to a great degree, meant to inspire some sympathy for the tragic hero, yet unflinchingly bestowed punishment upon him for the sake of the story. He focused on a few central ideas charachteristic to the work, and greatly expanded upon a few central ideas which are charachteristic of a tragic work.

An example that demonstrates the style:
"Blind who now has eyes, beggar who now is rich, he will grope his way toward a foreign soil, a stick tapping before him step by step [Oedipus enters the palace]
Revealed at last, brother and father both to the children he embraces; to his mother son and husband both - he sowed the loins his father sowed, and he spilled his father 's blood!" -Tiresias, lines 517-523

This tragic addition is central to the goal and theme of the work, and greatly exemplifies the overall impression he desired. Memorable Quotes

"In this land, said the god; "who seeks shall find; who sits with folded hands or sleeps is blind" -Creon, L 109-110

Wretch, may he pine in utter wretchedness! And for myself, in with my privy he gain admittance to my hearth, I pray, the curse I laid on others fall on me, see that ye give effect to all my hest, for my sake and the god 's and for our land, a desert

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