Oedipus, The Everyday Man

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1) Oedipus represents an “everyday man” because he is like any other person who is wise but also foolish. Oedipus has a strong sense of hubris as well as pathos which like many people guides his motivations and experiences. Throughout all the trips he takes to all these various places he has been accepted as a king but has had people turn their backs on him. “Ahhhhhhh! What an unbearable pall of darkness! How secretly, how wildly you fell upon me! How swiftly the wind carried you about me! How this wound of memory hurts both the mind and the flesh! Ahhhhhhh!” (Oedipus, 43). I chose this quote because you can compare how he began this whole journey thinking he was going to bring the murder and do justice to Thebes but in the end him being the murder shows how he had too much pride in himself and was too foolish to see that he could have been the murder this whole time. 2) Some qualities that the people of Thebes think Oedipus attributes are; a savior, and generous. “Come then our Lord and King! Come, first among the mortals! Make our Thebes live again! Remember: This city calls you “savior” because of your past act of generosity” (Priest, 6). I chose this quote because from the words you can gather that because they praise Oedipus because he has been kind enough to them before and helped them with their problems therefore seeing him as a savior who they can come to whenever they need saving from something.

3) The chorus makes the relationship that humans are directly

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