Oedipus The King : The Dramatic Twist Of Fate

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Sophocles wrote “Oedipus Rex” on C. 430 B.C.E as part of a trilogy, Oedipus the King was later translated by Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald which still conveyed the dramatic twist of fate in this historic play. The introduction of this play begins with Oedipus’s father Laïos, King of Thebes, being warned through a prophecy that his son will kill him and marry his wife Iocaste, Queen of Thebes. Knowing that this could be his future Laïos try his best to change his fate, not knowing his fate was already doomed. Unable to kill his own son, Laïos orders one of his herdsmen to his three day old son. The herdsman could not find it in himself to commit such as heinous crime, he maims the baby by stabbing him in his foot (this where Oedipus name originates from, which means swollen foot) and gives him to another herdsman so he can Oedipus. Instead of killing Oedipus the second herdsman gives the baby to his king who does not have children and raises baby Oedipus as his own. Oedipus grows up and hears of the prophecy, frightened of his destiny flees from his adopted kingdom of Corinth and winds up back where he is conceived. Since he believes his adopted parents are his biological parents, because he was never told he was adopted, he unknowingly kills his biological father and then saves Thebes from the Sphinx. The people of Thebes rewards Oedipus by making him the King of Thebes and made Iocates his bride. By doing this the prophecy is fulfilled. You have to know where you

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