Oedipus through Journey of the Hero

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The Odyssey is one of a major ancient Greek epic poem written by Homer. It is about the journey of Odysseus home after the war in Troy. It takes Odysseus ten years to return to Ithaca, and in his absence, the people of Ithaca assumes that Odysseus is dead. The role of women in Odysseus ' voyage is also very important. It is because of the women that the whole story turned out the way it really did, and without them, the story would not be complete.The reason the Trojan war began was because of the goddess Helen. Odysseus needed to return to Ithaca in order to be with his love and wife, Penelope. Finally, the goddess Athena made his return to Ithaca possible by helping him along the way. These three women helped complete the story of…show more content…
Moreover, the goddess, Athena, was also vital in Odysseus ' journey home. She was always with him providing him with hope, help, and motivation in order to return home. Athena stayed with Odysseus throughout everything he went through. She met him through her disguises, and would encourage him whenever he felt like he was failing. Athena also used her magical powers in order to make Odysseus a beggar to disguise himself and help save Ithaca. Odysseus would have given up his journey way in the beginning if it was not for Athena. Athena was vital in keeping him strong and helping him move on into his journey back.

Additionally, another woman important in Odysseus ' journey back home is Calypso. Calpyso holds Odysseus captive for seven years, going against Zeus ' will of her doing so. Calpyso is in love with Odysseus and hopes that he will choose to marry her and bribes him with immortality. However, even she knows that Odysseus and Penelope have a connection, and that because of that, Odysseus will never choose to be with Calpyso. Finally, Hermes tells Calypso that the gods have ruled that she has to let Odysseus leave. She faces herself by making herself believe that Odysseus only left because the gods made him leave, not that he really wanted to. Calpyso is important in Odysseus ' journey because it shows how dedicated he is to his journey and how committed he is to his wife. Even after living
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