Oedipus versus Madea

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Oedipus vs. Madea Greek mythology is the body of myths and teachings concerning the gods, goddesses, and heroes, and the world. It was the religion in ancient Greece, and the only one that they likely practiced, similar to how we practice religion today. Myths are thought to be present so that we can understand the nature of what a myth is. An important function of myths is to maintain natural and social order. Although the creation myth begins with Chaos, the story works to provide a specific order to the universe, usually. After order is created within the cosmos, order is then brought to the lesser beings, or people. Medea, a mythological play is about Medea, whose husband, Jason, has married another woman, Glauke. Creon, Glaukes father, banishes Medea and her two sons from Corinth. Medea then wants revenge and thinks about a way ensue revenge on all of them. Medea convinces Creon to let her stay one more day in Corinth, which he allows because of his pity for Medea's two sons. Medea then secures a safe place to retreat to once she's committed the murders. Medea promises to cure King Aegeus’ of his sterility if he swears to give her safe harbor, he agrees, not knowing what her plot really entails.. Of course, she neglects to mention she's about to kill a bunch of people.

Medea convinces Jason into believing that she is okay with his new marriage, asks him to allow her two sons the opportunity to stay in Corinth, he agrees. Medea gives Jason a gossamer gown

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