Of All The Violent Crimes In America, Sexual Assault Has

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Of all the violent crimes in America, sexual assault has become one of the fastest growing misconduct under this category. Of those found guilty of sexual offenses, 25% of them were juveniles. Of these offenses that occurred within adult offenders, 50% of them announced that their first offense happened during their pubescent stage (Martin, 2009). To get a hold of the increasing number of juvenile sex offenders, they are many opinion related solutions, other routes like treatment methods, and of course answers within legislation that could possibly reduce or prevent this issue directly. There are some concerns that have been brought to attention with regards to the psychological and behavioral modification treatments that is administered…show more content…
These issues are to include but not limited to child abuse, neglect, drug abuse, pornography, and family issues that reside within the household. Juveniles who target children and those who target adults tend to have similar qualities. For instance, some of the characteristics that are presented in these individuals are substance abuse and psychological disorders in some cases. They tend to display poor self-control, impulse control and having difficulty making decisions (Hart-Kerkhoffs 2009). There is a fine line that is drawn when it comes to distinguishing the difference between deviant and normal sexual behavior among juveniles. However, due to the strict rules and statutes within our court systems, some of the minor offenses can be mistaken for sexual deviance oppose to sexual curiosity when it involves adolescents. This proposes a major issue in today’s criminal justice because you have these minors who are sexually curious being in processed into the court system for minor mistakes. According to Glowacz (2013), when comparing adult sex offenders to juvenile sex offenders, these delinquents do not possess the sexual arousal and fantasies caused by deviance like you would see adults to have. Glowacz also mentioned that these young teens do display symptoms of long term desires to leads them to want to commit sexual offenses like some adults do. Administering

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