Of Mice And Men Concert Report

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I went to the performance of, “Of Mice and Men” and words can not describe how incredible it was. You could tell how much effort was put by all into making this show the best. In the beginning I had no Idea what the play was even about, who the characters were, what was going to happen, it was all a surprise to me. I did know though that the cast was small and the stage is also not the biggest but I knew it was going to look incredible. I had expectations for the stage, but when I walked I saw that they surpassed them, like always of course. I had the privilege to see the show twice, once doing the show rehearsal because I was taking pictures for the newspaper, (watch out for those!) And the second time I went to the free show. SO basically I got the best of both …show more content…

By having the projecting it gave the production a sense of time and day. It made the atmosphere very calm and peaceful, it was also giving the the calm before the storm feeling, which really made things interesting.
The costumes were very nice and fit their characters well, they were well put together and gave the show a casual but country vibe. I think there was a lot of improvement from the rehearsal show to the actual show, and that’s a great thing!
The acting was extraordinary, Max did such a great job with his character. His voice and the way he talked made my heart melt, he did a great job projecting and making his words clear and smooth. Nathan also did a nice job with holding emotion in his voice and speaking clear. But I think the dog was the best part of the show though, he seemed like he worked well with the actors. He seemed very trained well, and wasn’t distracted by the audience.
Furthermore, my overall opinion of the entire performance was that it was marvelous. It made me love “Of Mice and Men” and it also made me appreciate how hard the cast and crew worked into making every show the

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