The Importance Of An Event With Christina Faith Present

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I was able to attend an event with Christina Faith present. It was in an auditorium where the event took place. The music that was playing was calm and soothing. For the first couple of minutes there didn’t see to be much people in the audience. In fact including myself, the people you can count can be done by your hand. Not only that, the majority of the audience was primarily female. The immediate thought that came to my mind was “Am I in the wrong place?” Reason being, due to the description of the event which was “African American college students from various backgrounds fumble their way through the challenges of establishing and maintaining romantic relationships and dealing with real life issues” Once again, I felt a little out of …show more content…

were welcomed unto the stage, they each took their respective seat as we entered the Q & A portion of the presentation. Before anything else however, Christina did share with us the difference between the first and second season of “Love and Anxious”. An important thing to realize with the series in fact was that it was a “web series with no budget”. With this in mind they had to work hard on acting and character development. Christinia even elaborated on this when it came to filming certain scenes. “The middle of the room has a set.We can’t get certain angles.” This was later In addition, according to Christina, she learned as a writer, and producer that there are going to be some boundaries. To explain, “Learning when to say no in terms of production.” For the other cast member, named Brandon who played the character “Tee” in the show, as in actor “being honest and emotional is important as an actor. How far you can go and tell a story that people can relate to.” For this presentation, the content was solid. It was nice to know that this cast is trying something different with the audience that they are trying to reach. Urban millennials being that demographic since you “don’t see much of them.” On top of that the series was filled in Philadelphia. I also liked the remark Christina shared in relation to how she came up with the name “ Single &

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