Of Mice And Men Euthanasia Analysis

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Terri Schiavo didn’t have to die by euthanasia, so why should others. In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George, the main character travels with Lennie, another main character. In the book towards the end George is left with a terrible decision, after Lennie does something bad and runs away. The rest of the men find out he has accidentally killed the boss’ daughter- in-law. Curley is ready to kill him. But George makes the decision to mercy kill Lennie, to stop him from getting brutally killed by Curley. The novel makes it seem like George did the right thing, but this is not true because mercy killing is a way in which no one should die. Killing Lennie was wrong because George had other options. Lennie and George travel …show more content…

In the article Euthanasia’s slippery slope by Charles Lane, he will tell you that euthanasia is being practiced more and move and it really isn’t a good idea. Charles Lane states “ Observe that the reports seem to validate concerns about where these practices might lead. (Lanes) This quote states that if it is practiced enough than doctors will just do it without second thought. The article also states “ What is presented at first as a right is going to become a kind of obligation.” (Lanes) This helps my argument by proving that doctors will soon go against all beliefs and euthanasia will become a second hand nature. In conclusion, people shouldn’t use mercy killing to end someone’s life, they have the right to live a full life that God has planned for them. Some people believe that euthanasia is a good idea, they think by euthanizing someone, you are saving them from a lifetime of pain and suffering. In an article I found called Right to Die one paragraph stated stated “in 11 out of 15 countries we surveyed, most people favoured extending doctor-assisted dying to patients who are in great physical suffering but not close to death.” Doctors who euthanize are not murders, and in reality think they are heros. Since they stopped the pain and suffering of

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