Of Mice And Men Lennie's Turmoil Analysis

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Lennie’s mental deficiency: And his turmoil because of it Lennie in of mice and men is someone we could probably all relate to one way or another in some aspects of his life. As in some way or another we have all been in some type of turmoil, and Lennie has to experience this type of turmoil every waking hour and day. As he is so kid like and naive he doesn't understand what is going on and why it’s going on. Because of this he must always be cared for by George which also puts a huge amount of guilt at all times on lennie as he feels bad for slowing george down and stopping him from having a good life, at least he thinks he’s stopping him. Lennie’s is described as being soft and not very tough (6).And is described by slim as a very attentive and straight forward guy as “He ain’t mean, I can tell a mean guy a mile off”(42) And witch these by this quote of the book “George gonna wish he was alone an’ not have me botherin’ him’’ (100). This truly confirms lennies inner guilt and turmoil about bothering George and holding him back. And because of these problems with his confidence and his constant insecurities when it comes to his friendship with george and …show more content…

He can be very gullible and will listen to anything George tells him to do I was feelin’ pretty smart. I turns to Lennie and says, ‘Jump in’. An’ he jumps. Couldn’t swim a stroke. He damn near drowned before we could get him. (40) Because of his simple mind and George’s role in his life Lennie has learned to follow orders and listen to anything george says. And when he listens and does everything George tells him to he sometimes messes up like the drowning thing. And George has to come and save him or get him out of things. Which greatly contributes to his constant bad feeling and turmoil when it comes to George taking care of him and looking out for

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