Of Mice And Men Loneliness Theme Analysis

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Loneliness is a shadowy figure that brings down whoever it attacks. In John Steinbeck’s historical fiction novella, Of Mice and Men, loneliness is a central theme that is scattered across through several characters. Many characters distinctly show loneliness brought on by the living conditions and the prejudice of the Depression Era. This loneliness leads to the shattering of dreams, isolation and a cruel nature in human beings. Due to loneliness and the living conditions of the Depression Era, Candy’s dreams are dashed. Curley’s wife is found dead after Lennie accidentally kills her. George and Candy come across the body and as George goes off, so he isn’t also blamed for the murder, Candy begins to rant about how Curley’s wife’s death had ruined his dreams to own a piece of land with George and Lennie, “‘Ever’body knowed you’d mess things up. You wasn’t no good. . .He sniveled and his voice shook. ‘I could of hoed in the garden and washed dishes for them guys’. . .His eyes blinded with tears. . . .”(95-96). This supports that loneliness has brought on Candy’s broken dreams and isolation because in the text he is broke hearted over the fact that he can no longer have the dream of being on the farm with George and Lennie and to an even greater extent, he is saddened by the fact that he is alone again. Candy wants to have friends, Candy wants to have some type of work to do, but can’t due to both his age and the fact that his hand is gone. The fear of having to go through

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