Of Mice Vs Mice

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Have you been dealing with mice in your home for years and can't seem to get them out? You're not alone: mice are incredibly clever creatures that are nearly impossible to catch, let alone eliminate. First of all, mice have incredibly senses. Their hearing range is wide and includes incredibly high-pitched sounds, which makes it easier for them to hear you coming. And their smell is very strong: they actually recognize living creatures almost entirely by smell. Some mice can even track intruders and friends by sniffing out their footprints. And while mice have fairly poor vision, they make up for it with their sense of touch. Those cute little whiskers detect vibrations and send these sensations directly to their brain. However, long tactile fur also threads through their coat, giving them an even stronger sense of touch. They can often literally feel your footsteps from across the house.…show more content…
Each colony of mice has a head "buck" mouse who serves as the leader. All other males are subservient to him and the females mate with
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