Of Mice and Men - the Importance of George Essay

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Even from the very start of John Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men, the uniqueness of George, as a character, is already noticeable. He is described as "small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp strong features" and has an obvious dominance over the relationship between Lennie and himself. This lets the reader know from a very early stage in the book that George is different, and probably the essential character. George's character seems to be used by Steinbeck to reflect the major themes of the novel: loneliness, prejudice, the importance of companionship, the danger of devoted companionships, and the harshness of Californian ranch life. <br> <br>George's relationship with Lennie has made him selfless; his…show more content…
Even though he cannot communicate with his dog, Candy finds satisfaction in the care he has to give to it and company it provides him with. John Steinbeck has purposely conveyed this message of the necessity of companionship by contrasting characters like Cooks, who has a bitter personality, due to being neglected by the other men on the ranch, and Candy, who until the tragic death of his companion, the dog, seemed at least content with his life. <br> <br>A reader can understand very vividly from his actions and attitudes that George is sensible and able to think quickly in a situation. He seems to have a very good understanding of the nature of others, especially of their attitudes towards Lennie, for example, that if the boss hears Lennie talk and realises his handicapped, then it is unlikely they will get work. He also knows, to make Lennie repeat things two or three times over to himself, to help him remember, for example when he slowly repeats, "Hide in the brush till I come for you, can you remember that?" to Lennie. He also knows that Lennie is likely to do things and attempt to hide them, such as when Lennie appears from his walk in the woods, and is immediately suspected of smuggling a dead
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